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Who’s your Guru? on PowerPoint management, organization and compliance.

When it comes to managing your company’s presentations there is most likely a key person who is tasked with creating, updating and sending-out PowerPoint decks and files for your sales team.

We call this person the Presentation Guru.

The Guru is clearly good at what they do; ¬†They are a trusted, dependable part of your sales and presentation team. Not to mention, there’s good reasons to have a Presentation Guru:
A central person (or small group) who everyone knows that is accountable for all presentation materials makes it easy for people to turn to them when help is needed.

But one obvious and nagging challenge exists:  When all roads lead to one person, what do you do when that person is not available, either temporarily or permanently?

To benefit from the Presentation Guru’s expertise and skill while mitigating the challenge of this vulnerability you may want to think about an easy-to-access Slide Library.

Your Guru can add their expert touch and management skills but you will have the confidence in knowing that in a worst-case scenario your team will always be able to log-on and access current decks and files easily.

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