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The elevator pitch or how to bore a prospect to tears in 45 seconds:

You’ve heard it a million times before: Get your “elevator pitch” together and be ready to deliver it at a moment’s notice to anyone and everyone.  For those who don’t know; an elevator pitch (sometimes called a 30-second commercial) is a euphemism for a quick, efficient synopsis of what you sell and why it’s good.

The idea that an elevator pitch is important to prepare and memorize is only a half-truth, and that’s because only half the elevator pitch makes any sense to know and deliver.

Let’s say that the first part of your pitch is what you and your company do and the second part is all the features and benefits rattled off quickly.  If time is truly an issue or even if it isn’t, I would recommend the following –  stick with the first part and drop the second.

95% of people either don’t care about your product/service features or are in no position to absorb the information (especially in an elevator).  The other 5% will ask a follow-up question  once you tell them what you do.  Once they ask this, you have a conversation, and once you have a conversation, you have a great reason to ask them for their contact information – after all, you’re parting ways soon.

Now you can continue conversations with 5% of the people who actually want to talk to you and save yourself countless hours of blabbing away to everyone and turning-off 100%.

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