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Presentation Management Solution for Pharmaceutical Speakers

An effective marketing tool for life sciences, speakers bureaus allow companies to use physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers to educate patients and colleagues about new technologies and medications. Ensuring speakers use the most up-to-date, FDA compliant presentations is a huge challenge – as well as costly.

Building a custom system in-house can takes months and run into the tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Save time and money. Our presentation management system for pharmaceutical speakers bureaus already meets these challenges – and more.

Cost-effective – The system is easily customized and allows you and/or your clients to be up and running in weeks.
Compliant – The system, which can be branded, allows companies to create rules on who can use which presentations, changes that can be made, and slides that can be used for each audience type.
Easy-to-use – The system eliminates guesswork by putting slides in specific order and allows users to create new decks in minutes.
Integrates with other solutions – Ideal for healthcare agencies who represent pharmaceutical companies, the system can be bundled with your own solutions.

To learn more or to request a demo, call AlexAnndra Ontra at 212-213-1705 or send email to sales@pptshuffle.com