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Three Versions to Suit Your Business

Reduce time creating slides that already exist!

You need PPTshuffle if:

  • You have hundreds of presentations scattered across your network
  • Your sales and marketing team is scattered around the globe
  • You’re spending too much time looking for slide data on your network, servers or colleagues’ drives.
  • You and your team often create new presentations from old slides
  • You need to tightly control messaging and branding due to regulatory compliance issues
  • Presentations must contain up-to-date content approved by legal or other departments

A robust slide library and presentation management tool built for enterprises that manage hundreds or thousands of files, PPTshuffle lets you manage all of your PowerPoint decks – either through a browser and/or on your desktop. PPTshuffle comes in three versions:

In the cloud – Manage all of your PowerPoint files via PPTshuffle Web-based solutions. Simply log in through any secure Internet connection. Ideal for sales and marketing teams located around the globe.

On your network – Allow people across your organization to search for and find information in PowerPoint files and then easily create new decks. Eliminates frustrating back and forth emails and time delays.

On your desktop – Synchronize files from PPTshuffle, SharePoint or a network folder. Easily keep track of your own files and then upload them to the cloud or network for others to use.

View our quick video to see how PPTshuffle can benefit your organization.