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PPTshuffle is the corporate resource you can’t live without. ROI is immediate as far-flung sales and marketing teams begin sharing and managing files through the slide library. Corporate marketing can control branding and messaging – and existing slide assets get used rather than lost on hard drives or network folders.

Compare PPTshuffle with other PPT slide libraries. No other slide library delivers the power of PPTshuffle with its ease-of-use.

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Feature Benefits
Slide Library Distribute PowerPoint presentations and individual slides throughout your organization.
Drag and Drop Save time preparing new PPT presentations by dragging and dropping individual slides into a new PPT.
Slide Preview With easy PowerPoint slide preview, you’ll no longer waste time hunting and pecking throughout your network, hard-drive or email looking for that “one great slide.”
Meta Tags Add custom meta tags to individual slides or entire presentations.
Edit Through Browser Edit slides and entire presentations without having to manually download, save and then upload. (Available for PPTX only.)
Video Video automatically runs as a full-screen side in PowerPoint, no broken links or formatting issues.
Linked Slides Link two or more slides together, in a sequence, so when a user selects one, s/he gets all the others – ensuring message compliance.
Presentation Wizard Assemble a new presentation out of multiple presentations and format a title slide without having to drag and drop one slide at a time.
Templates Easily implement and update PowerPoint templates to ensure proper branding across all presentations.
Share with 3rd Parties Create a link and email directly from PPTshuffle.
User Groups & Presentations Control who has access to which presentations.
No Learning Curve Intuitive interface, familiar commands and functionality make it easy for sales, marketing and training staff to start using on day one.
Version Control Access previous versions of PowerPoint files.
Slide Updating When a slide or presentation is updated in the Global Presentations Library, it will also update in the My Presentations Library with end-user approval
Content Lock Slides created in PPTshuffle can be automatically saved as a JPEG image, prohibiting edits to existing text or images and further ensuring brand messaging and compliance.
Data Feeds PPTshuffle maintains data feeds, such as Excel, provided originating Excel file is located on the same server.
Business Intelligence Administrators can review logs indicating who accessed which slides, which presentations and when.
PDF Support Convert PPTs to a PDFs; upload and download PDFs.
Image Support Upload JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP files. Preview image, drag & drop image into a new presentation as its own PPT slide.