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PPTshare – On Demand Workflow that Simplifies Your Business

Connect. Collaborate. Control.

Take SharePoint to a whole new level with PPTshare. Optimized for the way you work, PPTshare integrates advanced search features, secure file sharing and ease-of-use.

Advanced search – PPTshare dramatically reduces time needed to find and reuse information. Highlighted keywords mean you don’t have to open a file to view it.

 Secure sharing – Named users can share individual files directly from the site with anyone (i.e: prospect, client, partner, etc.) through encrypted links.  Users can set file expiration dates, thus controlling access.

 Expedited workflow – PPTshare eliminates duplication of files, reducing stress on your servers. And, as soon as a shared file is opened, the sender receives an alert – making it easy to pick up the phone and conduct business on the fly.

 Work tools – PPTshare improves task coordination, event scheduling and collaboration with built-in reporting, calendar, and wiki.

 For enterprise organizations that face challenges managing thousands of files (from videos to presentations) in a regulated environment, we can build customized solutions that reduce costs while ensuring your brand stays compliant. View our use cases for more information.