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PPTshare: Custom Enterprise Document Management Software

Store, manage and share hundreds of thousands of files

PPTshare delivers on-demand workflow while significantly improving productivity, collaboration and tracking of hundreds – even thousands – of files.

Used by Dell, Scripps Networks, Intelispend PrePaid Solutions, and Innovative Science Solutions, PPTshare is a custom worksite developed for your enterprise and the way you work.

PPTshare features robust search, wiki and calendar tools. File sharing and creation “rules” are configured to your specifications and let users create new files in Office, Adobe or other programs while keeping your messaging/branding intact.

On demand – PPTshare On Demand expedites every day business processes while reducing stress on servers. Users can easily find, share and work with files, including Excel, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, video, audio, etc. from anywhere in the world.

Real ROI – Reduce the amount of time spent searching for content and processing file requests by up to four hours per person.

Customized solutions – Scripps Networks, Innovative Science Solutions, Dell, and Intelispend PrePaid Solutions (to name just a few) rely on PPTshare to control costs, messaging, and branding.

No matter where you are, PPTshare will save you time and money by eliminating hours spent searching for information lost in thousands of server and desktop files.