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DataTrove from Innovative Science Solutions and PPTshare

Help ensure a successful outcome for your next FDA advisory committee meeting

We’ve partnered with Innovative Science Solutions (ISS) to bring you DataTrove – a state of the art, dynamic worksite and slide library management system that advances you through the entire FDA advisory committee meeting from notification and briefing books to presentation development and rehearsals as well as the final Q&A session.

ISS is a team of regulatory, clinical and communications experts with over 10 years of experience advising pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries for their FDA advisory committee meetings. They’ve assisted clients in preparing for dozens of drug and device FDA Advisory Committee reviews and have the skills, science and business acumen to help you navigate through complex issues and events associated in the lifecycle of your product.

Data Trove gives you the tools to manage the content and meeting preparation coupled with the scientific and regulatory knowledge and insight to help ensure a successful outcome. DataTrove is a full-service solution that combines back-end technology with real-world expertise.

Key FDA advisory committee meeting services include:

  • Strategy
  • Message Development & Management
  • Briefing Book
  • Mock and Internal Rehearsals
  • Meeting Logistics
  • Speaker and Presentation Training
  • Slide Development and Management
  • Slide Library Management
  • Audio/Visual Management
  • Q&A Preparation
  • Open Public Hearing Management
  • Worksite for collaboration, workflow and repository