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Leave a good last impression

We always hear about the first impression – and how important it is to make a good one.  How often, in selling, do we think about “last impressions”? Probably not too much.  We focus on aggressively going after the best possible prospects  in our pipeline.  This is important of course, and we don’t want to waste time with weak prospects, but it’s also important to think about those that don’t close today but may in six months or a year down the line.

So let’s ask ourselves: How did we leave off?  There’s a good chance that the last impression that we left the prospect with was that of a disappointed and possibly desperate salesperson– someone who tried and failed.  Probably not the best image to leave with a prospect unless you’re hoping for a sympathy sale down the line (those don’t happen).  So while it’s important not to spend too much time on prospects that are not going to buy, it’s important to know how to leave them as well.  If you have a good bond with your prospect and a trusting rapport you should be able to identify those prospects that will not be closing anytime soon.

If you feel you have an honest response and they’re not going to close, be ok with that.  And most importantly, let them know that you are ok with that and take a big step back.  This will serve two purposes.

1)It’s a great way to see if they are bluffing and willing to possibly continue the dialog revealing what their real needs might be.

2) If they truly are not going to buy they will appreciate the respect – every other salesperson they deal with is burning up their phone and driving them crazy! Do the opposite.

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