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3 Key Traits of Great Entrepreneurial Hires

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Just because someone was a star at a big company doesn’t mean they’ll shine for you.
Here’s what to look for.

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When it’s time to hire, many of us have the same instincts: Look for Fortune 500-level company experience combined with a prestigious education.

No doubt those candidates offer a wealth of experience and contacts. But on many levels, it’s easier for someone to succeed when they have the resources and branding of a large company behind them.  Think of John selling Nabisco cookies compared to James selling Granny’s Best Chocolate Chips out of a makeshift kitchen.  Both John and James can put in the exact same amount of time and effort, but you can bet that John will sell more cookies and make more money. If John transitioned to Granny’s Best, would he be successful?  Maybe, if he, in addition to his pedigree, shows the following…(read more..)


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