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In the Cloud

  • Log in from any secure Internet connection
  • Manage 1000s of PPTs in one place
  • Ideal for sales and marketing teams

On your Network

  • Manage 1000s of PPTs in one place
  • Easily search and find information
  • Quickly create new decks

On your Desktop

  • Keep track of your PPT files
  • Sync them from your PPTshuffle cloud
  • Only available with PPTshuffle cloud service

Easily manage – and share! – thousands of PowerPoint files

Now you can manage your organization’s PowerPoint files from one place with PPTshuffle. Whether you access PPTshuffle through the cloud, your network or your desktop, you can:

  • Share PowerPoint files
  • Create new decks in half the time
  • Control messaging across your enterprise

PPTshare – On-Demand Workflow

Significantly improve productivity, collaboration and tracking of thousands of files across your enterprise with PPTshare. It’s kick-butt SharePoint optimized for the way you work. Read our use cases and testimonials to learn more.

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